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What others say...

Quotes from reference letters and articles, all on file.

"We hold Geoff in the highest regard for his skills in Marketing and Business Development....  He has had a profound influence on our entire outlook... The product of his incredible networking skill is that he has a truly remarkable network of contacts in the business community which brings great value to whatever organization he is involved with."

(Gregg Oldring, General Manager, Trader.com, Heavy Equipment Division)

"He is a focused, thoughtful, diligent worker who achieved a considerable number of successes. He has good industry knowledge and has earned respect."

(Jim Edwards, President & CEO of Economic Development Edmonton, previously a Federal Cabinet Minister & Member of Parliament)

"I have been very impressed with his willingness to have an open mind to creative concepts, his desire to provide assistance, and his depth of knowledge on I.T. and aviation issues."

(Martin Salloum, CEO, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce)

"The insight and examples Geoff offers often help move the business at hand forward.  Drawing on his diverse leadership experience helps us keep ideas flowing - even through difficult spots!"
(Barb Wychopen, President, Alberta Call Centre Association)

"Your business promotional skills together with the wide area of interest enabled you to provide a valued contribution to the strategic plans of the Association for which we are appreciative."

(Gary Wolfe, President, Alberta Aerospace Association)

"His contributions have helped move our company to a successful corporation with tremendous opportunities"

(Bill Armstrong & Monroe Thomas, Dendronic Decisions Ltd.)

"Outstanding management skills exhibited in the successful design & implementation of Madenta's Worldwide Dealer Network"

(Randy Marsden, President, Madenta )

"He impressed us with his knowledge & experience in the software & technology industries, and his understanding of the problems businesses face while growing... as well as his professional ability to understand our market, assist in final development, and create our marketing message."

(Jon Sala, President, The Data Base Factory, Inc.)

"...high level of professionalism & skill in the development of (his) Marketing Dept., taking the company from very nominal sales levels to a steadily growing force."

(G. McCracken, Alberta Opportunity Co., Venture Capitalist)

"...instrumental in coordinating and presenting our products at international trade shows. These proved to be very beneficial for the company"

(Myles Currie, General Manager, CELCorp )

"Meticulous & a good ambassador...Through his dedication he has opened the doors to new opportunities"

(R.M. Dechene, NAIT)

"Geoff's professional strengths (include) ability to propose and implement sales/marketing plans..."

(Rob McPherson, Exceptional Computing, Florida)

"..you have drive and vision, and your ideas are based upon meeting everybody's needs"

(Hugh Stewart, Regency Park [Dealer for Madenta Comm.], Australia)

"I certainly hope that he (remains in the new technology field) because it would be a waste to see his many fine talents and excellent attitude be utilized in another industry."

(J.J. Morris, V.P. Operations, Aerolift Airship Corp.)

"...very satisfied with the job Falconar did... Made excellent improvements in business relations with dealers and manufacturer's reps"

(Karen Bruce, President, Edmonton Safety Council)