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Bio - Geoff Falconar

Geoff Falconar leads a very active and diverse career in the areas of marketing and business management, focused primarily on the software, e-commerce, & aerospace industries.

After working a few years in many areas of customer service, sales, sales management, and marketing in several industries in the 1980's, Geoff entered the high tech software development business. That has been an exceptionally rewarding and exciting experience.

In the early to mid 1990's, Geoff led the business development and marketing at several world-class companies respected for being the leading-edge in their industries.  

One of these was Madenta Corporation, a leader in the development of software and electronics for the 'assistive technology' industry, where Geoff was Marketing Manager and the CEO's "right hand man".  Geoff started at Madenta with the two founders and a secretary.  A little over two and a half years later Madenta had a network of distributors in 11 countries, a staff of 12+, a suite of software and  electronics products on the market, and the respect of an entire industry  (when you launch the 'on screen keyboard' in MS Windows 'accessibilities' options, it's Madenta's product which you are using).  Geoff's job was to build the company to the venture capital stage, and Geoff left Madenta literally while the VenCaps were inking the deal.

Geoff was fortunate enough to have worked with Evan Chrapko as part of a team brought in to turn CELcorp around to profitability.  Evan has gone on to business fame for having led the most successful technology business development in Canadian history, selling the company for over 800 million dollars after just 18 months.  Geoff feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn so much from Evan during his time at CELcorp and shares many of Evan's business philosophies.

In 1996, Geoff had a contract to assist a budding artificial intelligence company.  The business opportunities uncovered were so huge, that Geoff shut down his consulting business to take a part ownership in the company and the role of Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.  Within 8 months, the company had gone from 2 guys in a basement to a thriving, respected business entrenched in the corporate world.  Geoff's uncanny ability to conceive business relationships which produce multiple- win scenarios for all involved enabled the company to become involved in major deals with several very large corporations.  

In 1997 Geoff started three years in an executive position at the prestigious Economic Development Edmonton, the agency for business development in the region of Edmonton, Canada (Canada's fastest growing major city). He was responsible for the development and growth of software, multimedia e-commerce, aerospace, and call centre industries in the region. Geoff played a key role in attracting over $600M in investment and 2200+ jobs.

In his public service role, Geoff worked with over 250 technology companies, exploring & helping improve their business plans, strategies, mistakes, and successes. The valuable knowledge gained in this is some of what Geoff now infuses into technology companies via consulting.

After finishing up at EDE in early 2000, Geoff had a contract with Trader.com, the world's largest publisher of classified advertising, where he helped turn around a B2B, Web-only business unit by re-building its e-commerce and marketing strategies.

Geoff is President & CEO of AEROSTUDIES Inc., an aviation e-Learning development business.  Combining his extensive aviation technical skills (an intense interest since childhood, he also has Aircraft Maintenance Engineering training) with his software/internet business experience seems the perfect blend for Geoff.  He has gathered together a team of highly talented professionals to make this a world-class business with no equal.

In late 2001 Geoff founded a major industry association called Tech IT Easy Club.  In about 3 days he grew the association from zero to over 100 members.  It continues to be the fastest growing and most exciting technology association in the city with well over 275 members from more than 175 companies, and Geoff continues to lead it.

Geoff continues to help technology companies become more commercially successful in his role as President and Senior Business Consultant of Allantra Venture Development, the management consulting organization through which Geoff applies his experience and talents to client companies.He is a consultant of choice for technology business clients for BDC Consulting (a division of Business Development Bank of Canada) and RHI Management Resources, one of the world's largest management consulting firms. 

Falconar has a broad range of post secondary education in the areas of marketing, business management, and aerospace. He is continually building his knowledge base via seminars, conferences, and other courses.  He admits he is also addicted to reading trade magazines and business books. Geoff is a big fan of Brian Tracy, who started his training career in Edmonton, Geoff being one of his earliest customers.

Geoff is a glider pilot and maintains a strong study of aircraft technical and business topics, particularly in commercial aviation. Although Geoff has traveled extensively across North America and numerous times overseas, he still resides in his birthplace of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife and two young children.



Some favourite quotes:

"Government sees business in three ways: If it moves, tax it.  If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it".  ...Ronald Regan

"Trust, but verify".  ...Also Ronald Regan

"The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away."  ...Once again, Ronald Regan

"Reporters are faced with the daily decision of painstakingly researching a story or writing what other people tell them. Both approaches pay the same".  ...Scott Adams, 'The Dilbert Principle'

"I can sum up the secret to success in seven words: Never give up. Never, never give up". ...Winston Churchill